Oh the beauty of free time. Without it, we all may crash and burn or otherwise lose our minds.

To this day, I struggle to take the personal time I need because I’m not productive. I used to really feel like I was wasting my time until I realized that if I don’t take a step back and slow down, I would self implode. It’s a real thing you guys and its called a mental breakdown. That’s why finding how much time you need to yourself can really help you change your mood from tired and crabby to focused and calm.

I’m sure everyone has experienced a hectic day where you are mentally exhausted and jam packed with deadlines and when you get home you have to make supper or do homework or start on laundry. By the time you crawl underneath the blankets, you realize that you didn’t take one moment to even think about doing something you enjoy.

It’s easy to get caught up in this lifestyle-especially if you are someone who likes to stay occupied. However, once you do this for quite a long time, it can become self deteriorating. When you are stuck in a routine that demands commitment and you bite off way more than you can chew, important things in your life begin to feel the effects of that. We start becoming so worn out from our work schedule that our friends never see us or we watch Netflix instead of studying. Soon, we stop working out or painting and our mood shifts easily. We no longer have the energy to call up our parents and ask how they’re doing or snap at our friends a lot easier than usual.

Having some time to yourself during the day is so important. While it is different for everyone, most people need at least an hour or two every day to just sink into their thoughts. To help you out, here are some activities you can do to combat your mental stress. FIND TIME- it’s worth it.

  1. Read a book. It’s the best escape from this world to put yourself in another.
  2. Put your phone on silent and away from you. Sometimes, it can be daunting to feel like you have to keep up with the texts and emails received on a daily basis but simply put… you don’t. Give yourself an hour to just not have to like your best friends newest selfie or participate in the never ending group chat. They will still love you.
  3. Really watch a movie. Not turn on a movie and start swiping it up on Tinder.
  4. Cook something new. Following a recipe and dedicating time to a meal is both rewarding and tasty. You’ll feel proud by the end of it.
  5. Exercise. Try yoga, go for a run, lift weights, play tag- I don’t care- MOVE. You will release natural endorphins and feel happier when you’re done.
  6. Take a long shower/bath. Sometimes, all we need is the hot water and incredible smelling soap.
  7. Hike/explore. Have you been wanting to explore the nearby lake/gardens/whatever nature is around you? GO! Being surrounded by nature is one of the most natural and easiest ways to feel relaxed. Squish your toes in the sand/grass while you’re at it, too.
  8. Get a massage. We all can’t afford a massage but if you can, do it. It’s a huge stress reliever. Otherwise, have someone play with your hair or bribe them to just rub your shoulders for a little while.
  9. Do a DIY project. There is something about accomplishing a project that makes us proud. Whether it’s building shelves or painting picture frames, create something. You’ll feel satisfied every time you see the finished product.
  10. Give. One of the easiest ways to boost our moods is to do something for someone else. Has someone you know been having a rough time? Create an “I love you, you wonderful human” basket and give it to them. The smile on their face will make you feel so good for being there for them. And who knows, maybe you’ll get one back when you’re in the same boat.

Learning how to be alone is crucial to your sanity. That’s why it’s so important to detach yourself. Clear minds are what are going to help you through a tough day and without taking a little time to breathe, you may start to realize that you’re suffocating your own happiness.

If you are too busy to take time to yourself, you need it the most. Force yourself to take a break. Even if you have a lot of free time, set aside one hour for you to do something you enjoy. This time can be used for anything but make it worth it. Making one hour yours can really make you feel a lot happier going into the rest of the day. At least, it’s worked for thousands so far.

How do you de-stress and un-mess? Share your secrets because we all know how much they’re needed!

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