As much as I love traveling, I have heard so many people come up with reasons as to why they can’t travel right now or that they “could” but dive into a list of reasons that they are incapable of doing so. Well, for those who like to bring up a good point like myself, here is your ammo.

YOU. CAN. TRAVEL. But just in case you believe you can’t… read on.

The Reasons Why:

1. It’s too expensive. You’re not wrong. A plane ticket can cost the rent you pay monthly. BUT, I have said it before and I have said it again, I will NEVER, EVER regret money that I have spent on traveling. The experiences you gain and what you learn by figuring out how to navigate a country is so much more rewarding than ripping the price tag off of a $100 pair of shoes. You will not remember a $300 dollar dress you had when you were 20, but you will remember the trip to Cancun you had with your girlfriends in your college days for $800. Don’t buy the dress, save the money for something even more enriching. It’s all about control and budgeting.

2. I can’t afford it. This makes sense to some point and goes with the above statement. However, I get this from a lot of young adults and I just tell them like it is. If you want it, you have to work your ass off and stop buying things you don’t need. It’s not too out of reach. It just takes self-control and a savings account. If you want it, you can do it. Look at it this way. You love coffee so you buy a cup five days a week. If that coffee averages about $4/trip… you are spending $1,040 a year on coffee. That is an all inclusive trip to a resort of your choice. It’s all about perspective- you can do it! It may take time, but it will be worth it.

3. There’s war out there, what about your safety? We have this false sense of security about the places we live because we are used to them. There is war but it is not everywhere. I have a lot of people saying “Oh, well three months ago, 3 Americans were killed there.” That’s truly heartbreaking but the media blows this out of proportion. If you think about it, how many international visitors die in the U.S.? Anywhere you go, you can find something bad that happened but that doesn’t mean it will happen to you. That is why you travel smart and keep your wits about you. Stay alert and make safe decisions. Do your research before you travel.

4. You have your whole life to travel. Oh, the amount of times people my age have told me this. I suppose that’s true, but why not get started now? My biggest argument against this statement is that life happens too quickly. My body is more able to travel now than it will be at 65. I want to start adventuring the world while I’m young and keep going until I’m older. Who knows if a job or family will stop me from being able to travel as frequently as I want to? My whole life has already started and so should my traveling. You’re never too young to go on an adventure. Travel while you’re young.

5. I don’t have time. Ahhhh… time. This is also a “valid” reason. However, if  you have vacation days or weeks, use them for this. It doesn’t have to be a 4 week vacation to Europe. Even a roadtrip for a weekend getaway is traveling.  Even just a week is enough for an adventure. If you want to do it, you’ll make the time. It’s that simple.

6. I’m scared. This is understandable. You would be leaving your comfort zone. But sweet dearest, you will never overcome a fear until you face it. I still get nervous going to a new place, but you will be shocked to find how quickly you adapt to foreign places. You fall in love with that adventure and it will be hard to get you on the plane back home.

7. I can’t go alone. This is also scary, so maybe start by going with a tour group. However, if you are alone and you go somewhere new, you will be much  more likely to step up and meet people and join into a culture much more willingly then if you had someone by your side. As long as you actively participate in smart traveling, you will be much more excited to throw yourself into somewhere if you are by yourself because you know that is exactly what you have to do to create new relationships.

8. I’m in a relationship. Ah, yes, the anchor that is keeping you tethered to shore. However, if this is your dream, are you really going to want to look back one day and blame your lack of travel on your significant other? If it’s something you want to do, go together! If that’s not an option, that person should be more than willing to support you in your endeavors. You should be able to experience the world while falling in love with someone back home. That is the beauty of technology, commitment and the independence to live your goals day by day.

SO- get your butt in gear! Traveling is an amazing experience and one that reading or watching will never justify. YOU have to do it and you can start as soon as you want. You have to recognize that excuses are just that- excuses. Travelling is available to you, you just have to stop coming up with every reason not to go. Comment below with even more wonderful suggestions or stories you have.

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