Okay, you’re finally ready to learn what the heck web hosting is, why you need it and how to get everything set up.

This is what we’re going to talk about:

  1. What is web-hosting?
  2. What web-host do I choose?
  3. How do I set it up? (takes under 10 minutes)
  4. How do I install wordpress into my site?

(PSSST… if you’re just starting your blog and don’t know how, jump on over to this page. This article is for setting up your blog once you have a few other things figured out. If you’re not sure, skim through this page quick and see if you’re ready!)

1. What the hell is Web-Hosting? 

I know, right? All of a sudden everyone is throwing this word in your face and you’re just a dreamer trying to start a blog and having absolutely no idea who to trust in the blogging world.

Let me put it in the simplest form possible. Web-Hosting is where your blog lives. 

If Web-Hosting is the city, your blog is a citizen buying a house. You BUY the house and now it’s  yours. You own it. You slap an address on it (your domain name) and there you are in that city all ready to start creating and participating in the community.

2. What web host do I choose?

If you’re going to go with a WordPress site (which you should because that’s where the majority of blogs are created) they recommend going with Bluehost. You have probably have had this website shoved down your throat, yes? Maybe not. Either way, I promise there is a REASON this is such a popular choice for bloggers.

WordPress has recommended Bluehost for over 10 years. Why? it’s

  • custom-built servers (it provides stability and reliability for your website)
  • easy connection to WordPress Install
  • technical support 24/7 (you will love this)
  • unlimited websites/email accounts and domains… on your one account. Seriously, unlimited.
  • navigation of the main page is an A+ (you can find what you need easily)

Also you can cancel at anytime so if you hate it then wave goodbye and choose another.

Alright… SO what’s the cost?

Less than a latte a month, my friend. There’s a super special deal for you that makes it $3.95/month. That’s freaking affordable. AND you can get a free domain name with that deal if you sign up here.

But let’s keep learning about it too, okay? Let me help you set it up so you aren’t TOO overwhelmed during the whole process.

3. How do I set this bad boy up?

To get started, go to Bluehost’s home page and click “Sign Up Now.”

Okay, hopefully you have a domain name picked out? If not, save this and come back when you’re ready. Either way, you have to check to see if your name is taken. So start brainstorming! (P.S., if you need help with this process, I wrote all about it here.)

Usually you would purchase the domain name but you get it free with the deal already mentioned. So go ahead, enter it under “new domain” on the website!



Then, they just need to speed date you real quick so drop in this information.


Here comes the time to choose the package. Options range from 1, 2 or 3 years. Pretty much, the longer the terms, the cheaper it is. So HERE is where you can really make the commitment. Let me ease some thoughts you have bouncing in your head. You are NOT going to spend this money for nothing. You are doing this to chase a dream, to share your voice, to spread that brain power of yours to those who need it.

This part is scary, I get it. I was in your shoes. If you’re not ready- that’s okay! Come back when you know that you want this. Come back when you feel the motivation buzzing in your bones and you know you are going to be a thriving success because you are one determined and fiery human being.

Becoming a blogger isn’t free, no matter how many pins and Google searches tell you otherwise. You have to invest in your goals if you want to see a return. Believe in yourself and you will get there, okay? Take a deep breath for me. You got this.

Once you choose a package, they may ask you a few more questions about add-ons which is ALWAYS at your discretion to take. My best advice is to go through each one and decide if your blog is in need of that quality. For example, I’ll definitely recommend Domain Privacy. I have it because it keeps the personal information of your customers private.

Good job buddy! I’m so proud of you.

Click NEXT for me.

Create a password strong enough to protect your account.

VOILA! You’ve created an account!

Now you’ll want to install WordPress really quick.

4. How do I install WordPress into my site?

Thank you WordPress and Bluehost for working together so closely the past decade and figuring out how to make this easy for all of us. In your cPanel, go to the section “MOJO Marketplace” and click “One-Click Installs”. You’ll go to a page inside their website so don’t freak out. Then click on the WordPress icon you see under “Blogs.”


Your computer will try to install it so go ahead and click “start”.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.08.47 AM

Here are your steps.

Step One: Choose what domain you want to install WordPress on. Click “check domain”. If you get a warning about overwriting files just continue unless you have another website built already (but you probably don’t considering htis is your first time).

Check Your Domain

Step Two: Show Advanced Options. Set up your username and password!

Step Three: “Read the Terms and Conditions”- It’s in quotations because I’ve never met a person in my life who actually reads those but if you do, more power to ya. Read it. Click “Install Now”.


Install WordPress

Once everything is complete, you’ll see your URL, the admin login URL and your username/password. This should all be sent to your email too. Keep it safe. 🙂

WordPress Install Progress Bar

I’d bookmark your admin login URL so you can easily access your site. Once you’re there, log in! Now you should see your WordPress dashboard. WOO! GO CRAZY creating the most beautiful blog the world has ever seen.

AND REMEMBER! If you sign up through this link, you get the latte price ($3.95/month) AND a free domain name for a year!


If you need more help with what to do after this is set up, read this in continuing to build your blog.

This post contains affiliate links.

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